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MN Plumbing and Home Services has over 30 years of hard-earned experience in servicing our customers throughout Minnesota’s communities. Built customer by customer, we take great pride in our reputation for our approach to customer care. Our highly skilled technicians take quiet pride in handling your plumbing and appliance installation needs. All our technicians are: easy to work with, professionally dressed and are drug and alcohol free.



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Our free estimates present pricing that is fair and competitive. We encourage our customers to compare our prices with other plumbers in the Twin Cities metro. We are an extremely competitive, yet excellently trained professional plumbers.


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With more than 30 years of experience, we can professionally address the plumbing issues you are facing. Our conscientious, professional approach has created a long list of satisfied customers. That reputation has enabled us to partner with some of Minnesota’s largest appliance retailers. They confidently refer their customers to use for professional installation services.


As a licensed plumbing company, we take every step required to follow local laws and regulations. If requested, we are required by law to provide the permit for the work that we do in your home. The cost of a required permit is included in our formal quote.




We share our customer’s concerns about our environment. When our work is finished, we take care to properly dispose of old appliances. We partner with local recycling centers to make sure old appliances are handled appropriately.


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