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Gas & Electric Cooktop

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Utilizing space is a key factor in any great kitchen. When you’re running around trying to prepare a meal the last thing you want is bulky appliances getting in the way. Installing a reliable cooktop is an unbelievably great way to save space and maximize efficiency in the kitchen. Gas, or electric, cooktops quickly become the space savers greatest culinary assets.


MN Plumbing Can Install Gas And Electric


electric-and-gas-cooktop-installation-mn-plumbing-and-appliance-installationMN Plumbing and Home Services Installation installs a variety of cooktop burners every month. From simmer burners to power burners, island cooktops to counter cooktops, and downdraft cooktops to cooktops with range hoods, MN Plumbing and Home Services is your trusted appliance installer for cooktops in Minnesota. We install appliances in over 1,300 homes in the TC Metro monthly.


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Get your cooktop installed quickly today and start saving space in your kitchen! In order to take up minimal space think about pairing a cooktop with a wall oven. This powerhouse combination of wall oven and cooktop will use less space than a full range gas or electric oven or stove while still giving your home the modern customized kitchen aesthetic.


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