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Gas & Electric Range Stove

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Every experienced chef learns early on the importance of becoming intimately familiar with the range of their stove or oven. Knowing the variability of your stove or oven is vital to cooking whether you’re doing a simple stir-fry, or an intricate Thanksgiving turkey. Modern units give homeowners more temperate control which allows each homeowner to become a master chef, finding that perfect range for their own cooking style.


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Gas and electric ranges are the typical units found on the market, and most homeowners are comfortable with either a gas or electric range if the unit is newer. MN Plumbing and Home Services Installation can help homeowners who want to upgrade to a new gas or electric range stove or oven by offering affordable appliance installation services. We install appliances in over 1,300 homes every month all over the state of Minnesota. We would love to accommodate you as you upgrade your kitchen with modern temperature control for your cooking unit so you can heat dishes perfectly.


Appliance Installation For Any Brand


With many sizes and style of modern gas or electric range ovens on the market today, finding a unit to fit your kitchen space is no problem. MN Plumbing and Home Services is comfortable installing any brand, make, or model of stove or oven anywhere in the Twin Cities metro. We can help you move your old stove or oven unit out, making space for your new gas or electric range stove and oven unit. Call us today for a free quote on gas and electric range stove and oven installation!


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