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Range Hood

Ventilate Your Home’s Kitchen


Airing out your kitchen is key to any healthy home. Smoke, grease, and other odors can permeate your entire home if the kitchen isn’t properly ventilated. Installing a range hood above your stove or cooktop helps the ventilation process by sucking up smoke, grease, steam, and other odors into a proper ventilation channel. Range hoods are an essential part of the cooking process.


Different Range Hood Styles


range-hood-installation-mnMN Plumbing and Home Services has installed thousands of range hoods, which come in a variety of shapes and styles. If you’re using a stove or cooktop underneath a wall cabinet, ranges called under cabinet range hoods work great. Maybe your stove is set up as an island in the middle of the kitchen to utilize space and expand your cooking area. In that case, you will need a specialized range hood called an island hood. Island hoods are also sometimes referred to as downdraft hoods. MN Plumbing and Home Services can install either.


Find The Range Hood Solution For Your Family


Finally, wall chimney hoods are great if you don’t have any cabinets above your stove or cooktop and ductless range hoods connect to the outside air to ventilate your kitchen if the kitchen area has outdoor ventilation access. Whatever range solution works best for your family’s kitchen set up MN Plumbing and Home Services can install your range hood expertly and quickly without disrupting the flow of daily life. We install in over 12,000 Minnesotan homes every year. Give us a call today!


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