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Upgrading your kitchen with a stainless steel fridge or freezer is one way to ensure your kitchen maintains that sleek contemporary look. If the kitchen is the hub of the home, then the fridge is the hub of the kitchen. Fridges and freezer are one of the most vital appliances in the home, constantly running 24/7 to maintain the health and vitality of the family. Having a fridge or freezer installed properly is important to maintaining efficient use of electricity.


Any Fridge Any Freezer Any Brand


fridge-freezer-installation-mnMN Plumbing and Home Services Installation can install any fridge or freezer. From Bloomington to Blaine we install appliances in over 1,300 homes a month. Thats over 12,000 satisfied customers every year! We install a wide range of fridge models. Need both a fridge and freezer installed? No problem. Most fridge models come with a freezer attached, either as a drawer or as a side-by-side fridge and freezer model. However, if you are looking to install both fridge and freezer separately we can help you with that.


Installing All Refrigeration Units


We install all styles of fridges and freezers: top freezer, bottom freezer, side-by-side, and french door. We install any brand of fridge or freezer. Today customers can find any ever-increasing variety of fridges and freezers. They come in various ranges of color and style options. Some units are designed cleverly to disappear into the kitchen decor giving the illusion of more space, while other units are becoming “smart fridges” designed to turn your kitchen into a place for household entertainment. Whatever style, color, size, make, model, or brand of fridge and freezer you want to install into your home we hope MN Plumbing and Home Services becomes the appliance installation company for you throughout the state of Minnesota.   


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