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toilet-1Toilet Repair


Is there anything more unnerving or frustrating than a toilet that doesn’t work? Is yours constantly running or about to overflow? When your toilet isn’t functioning properly, call MN Plumbing and Appliance for immediate Toilet Repair Service. We’ll be there to ensure the most important receptacle in your home starts doing it’s extremely needed job.


Toilet Replacement


In some cases, we can fix the problem quickly and ease your mind. In other cases, the problem is more severe and the sanitation unit needs to be replaced. If a new toilet is required, our knowledgable, customer service savy, technicians will suggest options and models. Then our professional plumbers will quickly install the new toilet so you can quickly get back to business.


Toilets And Water Efficiency


Believe it or not, there are many different types of toilets. The standard toilet, or what we call a gravity flush toilet is the typical toilet in a Minnesota home. With gravity toilets water drops from the tank into the bowl flushing the bowls contents down into the sewage. These toilets use up to 30% of residential water! To save money on a water bill and help conserve water, talk to Minnesota Plumbing and Appliance about installing either a pressure assisted toilet or a toilet with dual flush technology!


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