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Find Your Cooking Style


Cooking multiple dishes in your kitchen can be a challenge due to limited space. One appliance that can greatly increase your cooking efficiency and help every homeowner best utilize their kitchen space is the wall oven. Wall ovens come as both electric and gas units. Every homeowner has a different cooking style, so whichever heating preference you have, there is a wall oven to fit your type of meal preparation. Save space with a wall oven and take advantage of the room available in your custom kitchen.


Your Wall Oven Where You Need It



MN Plumbing and Home Services installs appliances in over 1,300 homes each month. That means over 12,000 of Minnesota’s best families trust us to install their appliances every year. One of our goals is to help customers place their appliances exactly where they need them, utilizing space most efficiently.


Utilize Space With A Wall Oven


When you’re remodeling your kitchen we know you may not have space for a full size oven range. Refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers all take up precious space in the kitchen. Having MN Plumbing and Home Services install a wall oven is a great way to utilize space and maximize kitchen efficiency. Homeowners that are set on cooking with a conventional stove range set up could pair a wall oven with a cook top appliance that will save space while giving your kitchen the ability to function as if a full gas or electric range stove was installed!  


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