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Water Filtration

Purified Water Filtration RO System – MN


water-filtration-systemToday, many Minnesotan families are insisting on clean, clear, purified drinking water. Minnesota Plumbing and Appliance recommends a reverse osmosis system to meet that need. Known in our industry as RO systems, these systems use sophisticated filters to remove the smallest particles of debris that can be harmful to your family. With a proper installation of an RO system, the water coming from the tap will be as clean and pure as possible.


Benefits Of An RO Water Filtration System


RO stands for reverse osmosis. These water filtration systems use high pressure pumps to filter water through chambers and a permeable membrane that remove the impurities from your family’s drinking. The chambers safely and completely removes the pollutants, it doesn’t store them. There are many impurities that RO systems filter:


  • Harmful Bacteria
  • Deadly Virus’
  • Infectious Pesticides
  • Chlorine
  • Asbestes
  • Sodium
  • Other Various Pollutants


While MN is pretty high on the list of states with clean drinking water, there is still a chance some of the above mentioned impurities could be in your home drinking water! If you are desiring to ensure your home has clean, clear, and purified drinking water then installation an RO water filtration system is highly recommended.


Minnesota Plumbing and Appliance install all brands of RO Systems. In order to operate an RO system properly a water softener must be replaced or installed. If needed we can suggest appropriate models.


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