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Water Heater Repair

Minnesota Water Heater Repair

In need of a water heater repair? MN Plumbing and Home Services is your Minnesota Water Heater Specialists! While your water heater may need a repair, nine times out of ten your water heater actually needs to be replaced! While installing a new home water heater may seem daunting, MN Plumbing and Home Services can easily replace your old broken water heater! Our team of water heater professionals can dispose of your old water heater unit and quickly and affordably install a new hot water heater for your home’s hot water supply! In fact, installing a new water heater is often times more efficient long term than continuing to repair a broken one! Installing a new home hot water heater could save you hundreds on your homes, gas, electric, and water bill!


Did You Check Your Water Heater’s Pilot Light?

In some cases, especially in an apartment complex or condominium, if there is a power outage or surge a water heater unit can stop working simply because the pilot light is out! If you’re not getting hot water in your home, first simply check the pilot light to see if your water heater is on! If your pilot light is working then your problem is a bit more severe and you may be in need of water heater repair or replacement. In that case, call the professionals at MN Plumbing and Home Services for a fast free quote as soon as possible!


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