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Water Leak Detection

Small Leaks Big Problems


You can trust MN Plumbing and Home Services to expertly detect any leaks in your plumbing. While some may not think it necessary to hire an expert just to detect dripping water, leaks can be so significantly small plumbers have to use ultrasonic equipment to find exactly where the water is escaping. Home owners can trust MN Plumbing and Home Services to find any home water leak.


Plumbing Leaks Happen Anywhere

ada9a09acea936d776a6f55c82778c43_LLeaks from piping inside walls, piping under concrete, or from toilets and sinks can be detrimental to your home. Detecting leaks and dealing with them when they are small will keep you from the headache and financial burden of a possible remodel due to water damage. Even small amounts of water damage can create mold and devastate Minnesota homes. Call MN Plumbing and Home Services today and let us find the source of the leak before more damage occurs.

Typical Water Leaks

There are a few common areas for water leaks to occur around your home. Even the smallest of leaks costs you money for utilities, and if the leak isn’t caught it can potentially lead to major damage in the home.




Leaky or running toilets are not only a major source of wasted water for typical Minnesotans, they also are one of the leading causes of home floor water damage. Don’t wast time when it comes to a toilet leak, it can quickly escalate into a nightmare for your home.


Showers and Tubs


Showers and tubs that leak are often the cause of wall water damage. Undetected leaks from shower heads are also a major cause of mold build up. Don’t let the water drip, even if it is dripping into the tub, you’re not only wasting water your allowing mold and water to create possible damage in your bathroom.


Hose Bibs


Undetected leaks in hose bibs, both outdoor and indoor, cause the average Minnesotan to waste 15-20 gallons of water per day (2013 Water Quality Report, City of Minneapolis)!
Mn Plumbing and Appliance has been in business for over 30 years and we are very experienced in dealing with these kinds of severe water plumbing issues. The best part about working with us is that our pricing is affordable and our customer service is second to none!


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