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Why Choose Us

Why Choose MN Plumbing and Home Services?


about_us_picWhile we recognize that every Minnesotan has a choice in the plumber they choose, MN Plumbing and Home Services appreciates the constant support and advocation of our happy customers of the past 30 years.


Customer service is extremely important to us, and we truly believe any great company is built by their faithful customer base.


30 Years Of Experienced Customer Care


Plumbing and Appliance has over 30 years of working with customers through the Twin Cities community. Established in Prior Lake MN, but servicing the TC Metro from Bloomington to Blaine, we desire every Minnesotan to experience hard-working plumbing excellence.


Built customer by customer, we take great pride in our reputation for our approach to customer care. Our highly skilled technicians take quiet pride in handling your plumbing and appliance installation needs. All our technicians are: easy to work with, professionally dressed and are drug and alcohol free.


A Few Reasons To Choose MN Plumbing and Home Services


Affordable Pricing That Can't Be Beat!

Fast Plumber Response Times!

We Service Over 800 MN Households A Month

30+ Years Of Plumbing Experience!

Great Customer Service & Large Staff!

Clean, Professionally Dressed Plumbers!

We Are Dedicated To Customer Satisfaction!

Fast, Free Easy Quotes!


Providing Minnesota Style Customer Service


We respect the home as well as the homeowner: When a plumbing emergency happens, your home may already be chaotic, the last thing you need is a disrespectful, messy, or unprofessional plumber making the situation worse. Our professional, screened, and trained technicians always respect your and your living environment during any of our home visits.


Utilizing current industry technology: As a company, staying up to date on the latest technology, industry standards, and government safety regulations is a top priority. Our Master Plumbers are active in several professional plumbing organizations throughout the state and nation. This allows us to stay active within the industry to know how we can best service our Minnesota customers.


Offering Minnesotans the best possible plumbing services: Most plumbing companies are simply out to make a buck. MN Plumbing and Home Services is focused on one thing: offering Minnesotans affordable plumbing services that they can trust to last long term. Because we have stuck to our core values and high industry standards we’ve been called “Minnesota’s most trusted plumber and appliance installers.” Our goal is to live up to that title by offering Minnesotan’s the best service we can!


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