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Trash Compactor

Save Time By Not Taking Out The Trash As Often


trash-compactor-installation-mnAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average Minnesota household produces 1,600 pounds (726 kg) of garbage every year. Most homeowner are used to frequent trips out to the trash bin, emptying their household trash into a larger outside container. A great way to minimize these trips is by having MN Plumbing and Home Services install a trash compactor in your home!


Save Time Installing Trash Compactors


Trash compactors are garbage disposal’s friendly cousin, greatly helping Minnesota households to less the amount of trips to the trash taken weekly. Everyone know how fast kitchen trash cans tend to fill up. Trash compactors are a brilliant appliance that use power motors to effectively compress household waste in an effortless and efficient manner. Compacting your trash also prevents rank odors from leaking out of the trash can and seeping into the rest of the household.


MN Plumbing and Home Services Installs It All


MN Plumbing and Home Services Installation installs appliances in over 1,300 homes every month. We would love to help you install your trash compactor in order to help make taking out the trash an easier chore. Trash compactors are an essential part of kitchen convenience and one call to MN Plumbing and Home Services will help you bring this convenience into your home, making it an integral part of everyday life. Call today to start saving time and space with your trash compactor!


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